Cruise control is for cars not marriage!

“Marriage is about turning ‘I Do’ into ‘We Can.”~ Anonymous 

It should just work, right?!

A marriage…husband and wife…man and woman…it should just work, right?? 

I mean, I got all dressed up, put on a tux and, I said, “I do.”

Now, I can get on with the rest of my life.  Right?

In reality marriage, as rewarding as it is, still requires work!  Why is it that so many couples put so little effort into their relationship? By far, this is in extreme contrast to the amount of effort which some individuals will invest into their other life interests.  Most people think nothing of devoting hours, not to mention exorbitant sums of money, to their exercise regimes to keep fit or to yoga, dance or what have you.  Many guys I know spend hours on end at the gym or on the ball field or at the golf course honing their skills and craft while others devote much of their time and resources to their cars, motorcycles, boats or other hobbies.

Some people have even gone as far as to entirely devote themselves to their favorite sports team.  They bleed team colors, and their team devotion can be seen from miles away complete with team banners posted on their cars, logos on their shirts and entire days spent watching the big game or race.  When asked why they devote so much time and effort to their special interests, it is most often said that to be good at <insert your hobby here> requires total dedication and effort. 

Well, I suggest, so does your marriage and relationships. Somehow we just expect that relationships should just work.  Click on the marriage autopilot button, and you’re off!  However, life experience shows us that our interests eventually fade, hobbies change and habits/whims go through cycles.  Overall, these things have little significance in the bigger picture of your life. 

While on the contrary, your marriage, which should carry the biggest weight, was designed to last a lifetime. Sadly, in all reality, most couples invest little time and resources into their relationship to make it work and last! Marriage requires intentional dedication and devotion.  It requires research and investment, not just in money, but your time.  It requires forethought and planning. It requires fortitude and persistence.

I challenge you to take control of your relationship and invest in your marriage!

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