Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans. ~  Peter F. Drucker 

What does “burning the boats” have to do with love and marriage?  Simply put, it’s about commitment.  When you accept this challenge, be all in, completely, 110%.  Don’t do it half-heartedly or lazily.  Commit yourself to being genuine and intentional about showing your spouse how much you are willing to invest in each other and your marriage.  Sometimes in life and in love we just need to jump in head first and see what happens next.  Sometimes we just need to burn the boats and charge forward. Let me explain.

The ancient Greek military leaders had a good understanding of commitment. The Greeks soldiers possessed an unwavering determination to achieve victory and for that fact total a commitment to their cause. When their armies landed on an enemy’s shore, their commanders would give the order to “burn the boats.”   Talk about commitment to the cause, with no boats to retreat to, the army had to be successful or else face annihilation. As the soldiers stood on the shores, smelled the smoke in the air and watched their only means of escape burn, they knew there was no turning back and there would be no surrendering.

How do you think that made a difference in their effort?

In accepting this challenge to make a difference in your spouse’s life, be committed.  “Burn your boats.”  Don’t leave room for wavering or halfhearted attempts.  With this illustration of commitment fresh in your mind, consider accepting the $2 Valentine challenge.  Show your total commitment to your relationship!

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