be purposeful

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. ~ Jim Rohn

Showing your spouse that he or she is important to you requires you to be purposeful in your actions on a regular and consistent basis.   Consistency is the key to build trust and respect within any relationship.  As a result, this is a crucial step in strengthening your relationship with your spouse.  You should make a habit of frequently and genuinely expressing your feelings and appreciation for your spouse.  Women can easily detect whether you are truly genuine in your intentions and can smell right through any guise (it’s a gift).

I challenge you to be intentional, genuine and sincere.  To be purposeful, you have to want to do it and want to make the investment in your spouse.  Your spouse can tell if your heart is not truly in it.  If you invest the effort, the dividends are immense, although the cost doesn’t necessarily have to be.  Be creative and try something new.  Accept the challenge of being purposeful and thoughtful every day!

Your challenge is to continually find new ways to make your spouse feel special (and often!).  The following postings will provide you with some inspirational ideas which are high in thought, but not in cost, that lets your spouse know how much you care about her.

Make a habit of showing your spouse how much she means to you on a regular basis.

Start today; be purposeful; create a habit of thoughtfulness!

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