Why $2 Valentine

The Two Dollar Valentine began as a challenge for my wife and me as we had grown extremely weary of the yearly and often pathetic show of affection shown on and around Valentine’s Day.  It seemed to us that Valentine’s Day had become a burdensome chore to purchase something that equaled in value to what the other had bought. My wife and I were tired of spending countless dollars trying to seemingly impress each other on Valentines.  Although we were never really bought into the whole excessive spending on Valentine’s Day, we surely didn’t want to disappoint the other as well.  You know the routine. If you ask your spouse what she wants, the answer is usually, “Oh, nothing. You know I don’t want anything.”  However, you had better not come home without something.   Then, if you buy her chocolates or candy, she might get mad because she was on a diet and they would probably just be thrown out the next week.

We felt we were being held emotionally hostage by the commercialization of this lover’s holiday, and it had become an annual chore for us.  Instead, we set a $2 dollar maximum limit which could be spent on Valentine’s gifts for each other.   Talk about an extreme budget.  This required us to be resourceful.  Wow, $2 isn’t much at all!

However, we had so much fun being creative with our little budgets and we didn’t end up spending a ton of money just to let each other know how much we cared.  This also alleviated the stress involved with overspending on overpriced, cheesy, over-commercialized Valentine’s gifts.

You may not go to that extreme.  Try setting a cap on gifts, say $5, to make it interesting.  Then you don’t have to worry about if the other person spent more on you or not, because the rules have been determined ahead of time.

You may want to be careful about how you approach your spouse with this idea.  After all, she may just think you are being cheap!  Instead, have a little fun with it, be exciting and creative.  Draw up a Valentine’s Challenge proposal for your $2 Valentine.  This is a great way to have fun with each other and not spend a fortune.

Two Dollar Valentine is simply about being thoughtful without spending a ton of money.

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